A shout out to our superheroes!

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Ah, fathers! They are the ones who taught us everything from riding a bike to doing our own taxes. They are the ones who have cheered us on no matter where our heart has led us, and been our mentor when times were tough. In short, they were our first superheroes.

To celebrate our superheroes on their special day, we’ve come up with super suggestions just for you.



When was the last time you and your dad had a heart to heart conversation? This Father’s Day, ask him out for dinner or lunch. Just you and him. You’ll be amazed by the kind of stories he’s going to tell you. And don’t worry about the budget, we got it sorted with our amazing deals and discounts. Book your table now.



He’ll give you hours of lecture on your health and habits, but when it comes to him, he doesn’t care. How about turning the tables this Father’s Day and gift him a gym membership with you. A perfect gift for a perfect father. You can check out our awesome offers on your nearby gym.



Invite him to spend a weekend with you. Hire a taxi show him around, maybe some of your favourite places. Nothing will make him happier than getting to know his child more. Sounds too expensive? Try Ola on Mobikwik!

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