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Data Security Update For MobiKwik Users

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In current digital world where everything is online, security and privacy becomes one of the major concerns for the everyone. For us at MobiKwik, security and privacy of your data is of utmost importance and we take all necessary measures to keep it safe. All our customer data is securely stored in the database with high end encryption. Strict policies and application architecture ensures that this data is accessible only when the consumer wants to use it. Even then the data revolves in the system itself and can’t be controlled by a human entity. We make sure that your data can only be used upon your consent by deploying such policies alongside carrying out regular security auditing, security programs and employee training programs to make sure that it’s near impossible for private parties to forcefully get in and extract the data.

We do not share your personal information with anyone including other individuals, organisations, corporations, authorities or governing bodies. The only exception in sharing your personal information is when any law enforcement agencies or court needs it with respect to a specific case. Even then, the request to any such information passes through a multi-layered approval process to ensure that your privacy is not intruded in any way. MobiKwik operates in a heavily regulated environment, to ensure best security standards for its customers, thereby creating a benchmark in industry best practices.

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