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Bill payment; Trends are changing! Are you?

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Just a few years ago, each one of us would stand in long queues, sometimes even under the scorching sun to make those mandatory bill payments. How much would mumma lose her mind if that one bill is not paid on time. And now? All you gotta do is unlock your phone and the payments are tap-tap-done before mumma knows it!

What has brought this change? The world has gone digital, making everything for us, just a click away. Now in no time, you can pay all your bills. Be it phone bills, electricity bills, premiums, EMIs and what not?! E-wallets not only let you save your precious time on such monotonous tasks, but also help you save big bucks! In just a few steps, a user can clear a bill while enjoying a myriad of deals and offers.

Digital payments have made our lives so Extra Simple that even tedious tasks like utility bill payments seem so seamless.

Here’s how you can pay all your phone bills, electricity bills, premiums or EMIs instantly!

  1. Go to the MobiKwik App
  2. Select the bill you need to make a payment for. Say, Electricity
  3. Choose the operator
  4. Fill in your payment details

And voila! It’s done.

“So mummas of the world, Take a chill pill and stop blaming our phones for everything that goes wrong.  

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  1. Sarfras

    April 13, 2019 at 11:29 am

    Online Payment is a real boon for people working in private organisations. Now you dont need to waste your time in the queue to pay your utility bills thanks to Payment Apps like Mobikwik you make our life’s simple. Keep up the inovation.


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