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Chennai Mobile Phone Users: Say Hello to Tata Docomo special Packs.

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Break the barriers of distance, thanks to Tata Docomo three amazing local and STD calling packs, which prove that the world is indeed a small place. If you are a resident of Chennai, you no longer have to worry about call charges, be it local or STD calls. Get in touch with your loved ones and friends, and talk to your heart’s content by availing any one of the three plans.

The first plan can be availed by paying just Rs 24.00. Thanks to Tata Docomo , all local and STD calls are billed at 1 paisa for every 2 seconds. This plan saves a lot of money in the long run, especially if you make a lot of STD calls in a month.

The Tata Docomo Special Pack for Chennai is available at a tantalizing price of Rs 35.00. Make local on-net calls at 1 paisa for every 6 seconds. STD on-net calls can be made at 1 paisa per second. What’s more? You have to pay for only the first two messages you send, with the remaining 98 free of all charges. Get billed at 1 paisa per second for all other local and STD calls. If you make frequent STD calls, you should opt for this plan.

Chennai users will surely love the Combo Pack from Tata Docomo. At an amazingly low price of Rs 61.00, you can make local Docomo to Docomo calls at 1 paisa for every 6 seconds. All other local calls will be billed at 1 paisa for every second. You also get to send 200 local and national messages per day. The last feature is simple unbelievable. You can get 10 MB free data usage per month for 3 whole months. Now, isn’t that a great offer?

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  1. Phone System

    April 25, 2012 at 3:25 am

    This is the first time I heard about Chennai Mobile Phone, well the users of this phone are lucky for this offer the STD Pack is a highly promising deal. I'd better look for a phone like this soon does it applies to any country or are there specific countries that can cater to this one?


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