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SMS to Your Heart’s Content Thanks to Tata Docomo Chennai

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Do you love sending those funny jokes to your friends as SMS ? Do you prefer constantly updating your status in the form of SMS ? If you do, then your wait for cheap SMS is over, thanks to Tata Docomo Chennai SMS packs. With these SMS packs you do not have to fret over making frequent recharges to your account.

Tata Docomo is a leading telecom service provider, offering timely service and tremendous customer satisfaction. Its success story is evident from its ever-expanding customer base. Tata Docomo SMS packages give you one more reason to master SMS language and gain proficiency with regard to using your mobile phone’s keypad.

Tata Docomo offers two such revolutionary SMS plans for users in Chennai at Rs 16,  you get a chance to send 200 messages  per day. The messages could be local or national. You are thus given complete freedom to send updates whenever you please. You do not have to burn a hole in your pocket for doing so.

The second tata docomo  pack can be availed at Rs 21. The plan allows you to send 200 local or national messages per day. What’s more? You get a chance to enjoy 60 minutes of free calls to local Docomo users. Therefore, talk to your heart’s content without any worries of cost per call. By either of the two plans, you are sure to become famous and popular in your friend circle. No other plan offers such amazing benefits, when it comes to SMS; therefore, hurry because such plans to do not come everyday.

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