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#CustomerSpeak: Who Can Miss Cash When You Have MobiKwik?

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With demonetisation last year, people moved to transacting digitally in droves and in turn made their lives simpler. It wasn’t just the tech savvy youth but people across ages that moved to transacting on MobiKwik to make their daily transactions simpler and the need for cash redundant.

Recently, we reached out to some of our loyal customers to find out what they like about the MobiKwik app and in what way it has become a part of their lives. Raghav is a B.Com student, Anand is a retired government employee & Rachna is a working mother of two. At the looks of it, there is nothing common in them but they are part of the growing tribe of people who have started doing their daily transactions on mobile wallets like MobiKwik.

For Raghav, “It is a boon because I don’t always have change to pay at the petrol pump for my bike and I can pay the exact amount using my App”, while for Anand, “the MobiKwik App has been very helpful in saving me from ATM visits and letting me buy the milk & groceries in the morning easily”. For Rachna, “The SuperCash feature from MobiKwik has helped me use and save my cashback options from MobiKwik with so many other offers that I end up saving more than I ever could by using only cash”.

With daily small ticket transactions moving to mobile devices, it has become convenient for everyone to keep track of their incomes & expenses and plan out their budgets accordingly. What would just be a few rupees not being marked in the monthly budgets, apps like MobiKwik have made it simpler for recording all transactions. This is helping users plan their budgets better and always staying on top of their expense records. While there are several Apps for digital wallets, MobiKwik takes the lead because it is user friendly and SuperCash enables users to save money on every payment with most lucrative offers on multiple categories like – fuel, shopping, travel, groceries, milk, entertainment and bill payments.

We’re eager to hear your story—tell us why you find the MobiKwik app indispensable!

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