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You know you’re saving, when your cash becomes SuperCash!

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You work hard to earn and we work hard to give you the best offers to save while you spend your earnings! That’s why we have Super cash for you!. And there’s absolutely no one who is going to give you SuperCash! So what is SuperCash? It’s the money your money earns! And you can use it to do even more transactions. Here’s how it works:

How do you super save? Well, you earn super cash!

While you make payments through your MobiKwik e-wallet, an amount of SuperCash (depending on the offer) gets credited to your wallet. Now the next time you do any payment – at local stores, petrol, online shopping or travel bookings – you can use 10% to 20% of your earned SuperCash.

For example, you have Rs 2,000 in your MobiKwik account and Rs 400 SuperCash. Suppose you buy a jacket worth Rs 1,000 while shopping online. You actually pay only Rs 960 from your account – the rest of it gets used from your SuperCash account. So you save money! Isn’t that fantastic?

Each MobiKwik offer/promo code/coupon code has a fixed amount of SuperCash associated with it. With any transaction, you can either earn or pay using SuperCash. You don’t even have to think about it, the MobiKwik app automatically calculates the SuperCash and debits your account automatically. And you don’t have to fear losing your earned SuperCash – there are easy ways of extending its validity beyond the usual 45 days.


As we said, no one looks after you better than MobiKwik! To find out more, or if you have more questions, take a look at our FAQs.

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