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Discover your city on two wheels with MobiKwik

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Introducing Bike rental services on MobiKwik. Now you can book a bike or scooty through MobiKwik and go on a ride that you’ve been waiting for a long time now.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. For some it’s a perfect 4×4 drive, for others it’s a compact hatchback. And for the brave hearted, it’s two wheels. Riding a bike has its own charm. Even those of us, who are not bikers, have this innate desire to ride a bike and go on a trip at least once in a life-time. Driven by binate passion for adventure travel and two wheels, we came up with Bike rental services at MobiKwik in partnership with ONN bikes.

Here are a few reasons why you should definitely ride at least once in your life.


Riding makes you feel young

Your true age is not defined by how old you are but rather by how young you feel. You may not be able to turn back the clock, but riding is kind of like winding that clock back up again.How many other things can make you feel that way?


A perfect escape

What better way to escape than on a motorcycle? The sense of freedom feels complete on two wheels, and riding doesn’t transport you to a destination; it is the destination.


Easy commuting & parking

Riding a motorcycle means you will get to work sooner and with less frustration. Laugh in the face of bulky SUVs forced to squeeze into tiny parking spots! Because most places of business have designated motorcycle parking, running errands on a bike is eminently easier than driving—and many parking lots allow bikes in for free.


It’s so cool

There’s something about motorcyclists, isn’t there? When a guy or a gal walks into a restaurant with a helmet under arm, they invariably exude a swagger and a sense of cool that just isn’t the same as rolling up in a car. Whether or not you’re looking for the Peter Fonda or Brad Pitt effect, motorcycles take you one step closer to cool.


A new bike everyday

Renting a bike is much like a buffet. Walk in, choose a bike that suits your requirement, ride and return – without having to deal with any hassles. And you get to try different models. Not comfortable in going to a far away place on a bike? Don’t worry, rent a bike for a day and go on a city exploration tour with your friends or your partner. The fare starts from as low as Rs. 8/km. And for those who can’t get their heads around gears, we’ve got scooties for you.

If you are one of those who turn their head every time a bike passes by or couldn’t stop themselves at being amazed about the thrill of riding, this rental service is exactly for you.

Hop on and ride! It’s easier than you think.

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