Evolution Of SuperCash

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In an era where the majority of service providers frivolously offer Cashback and Scratch Cards to their users, we believe in ensuring guaranteed savings to our users and save them from the uncertainty associated with highly prevalent Cashback and Scratch Card offers. 

Actually getting something from a Scratch Card is as rare as a blue rose and, in the name of Cashback, all you get is a pile of vouchers that you have no immediate use of (ultimately turning into a pile of expired vouchers)! That’s where MobiKwik SuperCash steps in! 

SuperCash is a loyalty program which allows users to ride the cycle of consistent savings. On MobiKwik, users earn SuperCash on a particular transaction and are able to redeem it on subsequent transactions. 

Post the rollout of SuperCash, monthly active users have increased to 40 million, thus it is MobiKwik’s solid USP! 

Over the years, SuperCash has evolved to become the most unique loyalty program and continues to evolve further so as to serve the users better and increase their overall savings! 

SuperCash was introduced in 2017 as a means for users to get instant discounts on their payments. At the time of launch, users were able to use 5% of their SuperCash balance on any transaction. In later years, the terms of usage were revamped and users could pay 5% of the transactional value using SuperCash which meant an assured 5% discount on their payment. Eg: If a user needs to make a payment of Rs 1000, he/ she can pay Rs 50 (5% of 1000) using SuperCash. Thus, the actual cost to the user becomes Rs 950! 

The concept allowed users to consistently save huge on categories like travel bookings that had high transaction value. Such seamless saving through SuperCash shot up user transactions on local stores, Supermarkets, Milk booths and other brand outlets. Consequently, by 2018 we opened up a plethora of avenues for using SuperCash, including the e-commerce websites, thus allowing users to avail maximum savings at their favorite brands. Further, earlier the SuperCash usage on grocery was capped at Rs 750 which was later relaxed to Rs 1000 per month.

The main aim of SuperCash was to empower the users in every way. Evidently, in 2019 we introduced another super power, the SuperChoice! SuperChoice allows users to choose to either earn or use SuperCash on a particular transaction. Moreover, as SuperCash was becoming the perfect savings’ force for users, we made sure they never fall short of it! Therefore, we again tweaked the terms in 2019 and as opposed to earlier, now SuperCash does not expire! The users only have to make a payment via MobiKwik once in three months and their SuperCash lives forever. 

In the near future, we even aspire to offer this loyalty cash to users who pay equal monthly installments (EMIs) on time through MobiKwik. Extending its aim to help users save infinitely, we are constantly working on making SuperCash better.

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