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Instant Gratification… With Instant Loans From MobiKwik!

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Your gym just came out with a tempting membership offer, but the first of the month is still a couple of weeks away. You want to gift your mom the newest iPhone (or is it for you?) but there’s no way you can swing the entire amount on your own. You’re looking at the dream flight ticket deal to Vietnam in your notifications but you’re just a few grands short. What are you going to do—beg, borrow or steal? None, of course, as long as you have MobiKwik in your pocket! No collateral, no credit card… no loan? That’s not the MobiKwik way.

Get That Bigger, Better Boost


What if we tell you that you can get an instant loan of ₹60,000 in 90 seconds? And that you don’t need to pledge an IRL collateral or even own a credit card? All you need is the MobiKwik e-wallet app on your phone.

With MobiKwik’s newest ‘Credit Boost’ feature, you can apply and get a loan in a few seconds. All you need to do is submit your Aadhar and PAN details, and you can find out the loan amount you’re eligible for based on your credit score, along with the interest rate you’ll be charged for it. What’s more, you can set up the auto-repayment EMIs at the same time!

Plus, you can withdraw the full or partial amount you need at any time from your e-wallet, no questions asked! There’s minimal documentation, minimal paperwork, minimal fuss, and minimal time needed before the amount is credited to your e-wallet.

There’s no need to visit your bank, no forms to fill out, no collateral to arrange, no need to convince anyone that you’re a good credit risk. MobiKwik does all the work for you, leaving you free to enjoy the good things in life! Find out more details here: https://www.mobikwik.com/products/zip-emi-personal-loan

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