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Mobikwik releases revamped Android App

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Guys, we heard your feedback!

Mobikwik Android app, which is the highest rated Recharge app on PlayStore, has been revamped with compact and cleaner interface, and lots of new features which will make your recharge experience better than ever!

What new you can do now:

1. Access/Add/Edit/Delete your Saved Connections. Yeah, that’s right. Now you can use your app to recharge saved numbers, and the best part is – this functionality enables you to recharge without typing anything at all!

Zero typing recharge in action – From “My Account”, Tap “Saved Connections”, then tap on a connection you want to recharge, tap on “Browse Plans” to see which all different recharge plans are available, tap on a plan, and hit recharge! You gotta try it once, to see how  recharging has become dead simple! To make things easier for you, we have added the phone numbers you have recharged in past, to your saved connections.

2. Access your transaction history in the app itself! Your recharge and payments history is available in your Mobikwik app and once synced, you can see it even when you’re offline!

3. Support Section. Even after putting in huge amounts of efforts into improving the app and the whole Mobikwik infrastructure at large, we are aware that occasionally some recharges and even some payments, unfortunately, fail. While we are making our infrastructure better and better, we are committed to resolving any issues that you face ASAP. If you ever come across an issue while using the app, PLEASE hit “Help” from “My Account”. Our dedicated Customer Support team is working very hard to resolve your queries ASAP.

Along with these new features, we thought the app needed a facelift. The revamped app is much more compact and clean, puts important things first, avoids many unnecessary distractions, and provides a consistent user experience across different Android versions!

Let’s take a look at the UI redesign:

The restructured layout (right) allowed us to make much better use of screen space available. Contrast it with the ver 2.5 layout on the left (both running on 3.2in 320*480px Android ICS)

Apart from restructuring the layout of content area of the screens, one major change in the new version is replacing the old title bar (on devices running 2.3 Gingerbread and earlier), and the newer Action Bar (on devices running 3.0 HoneyComb and later) with a common custom Action Bar. The custom Action Bar we built, has not only enabled us to make great use of screen space by providing action items for important functionalities at the top, but also provides a consistent look across different Android versions.

Besides the above major changes, there are lots of minor enhancements and bug fixes. If you haven’t installed the app yet, do so now and let us know what you think about the changes!

Download the new app now!

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  1. Vikas B

    June 28, 2013 at 5:48 am

    Atul, Your Android is fabulous and it's very easy to make payments through it. But it has some limitations in terms of the listing of service providers. I live in southern Maharashtra and will appreciate inclusions of BSNL FLL, MSEDCL, LIC and I suppose many people may find something missing too from their region. Also I find some plans to be missing from the list (I was looking for BSNL data plan which I regularly use but couldn't found it). Hope this will taken as a positive feedback by you.


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