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Promises are meant to be broken

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31st Dec is not only just New Year’s Eve, it’s the day when history repeats itself. It’s the same day as last year when you made several promises to yourself commonly known as The New Year Resolutions. But promises are meant to be broken, especially when they are nothing more than a to-do list for the first week of January, isn’t it? Here’s a look at most common resolutions and what people do with them.

Lose weight

Shoes, tees, lowers, sipper, fitness band, music apps and you’re all set for new year, new me. After all shopping counts as exercise!

Save money

Budgets set, expenditure sheet made, this year no matter what, you won’t buy things you don’t need. Oh wait, did you just see this really cool GOT themed sword that help fight white walkers?And you obviously add it to your cart as you know Winter is here and you are going to replace Jon Snow in the new season!


Healthy Diet

The first step is to de-clutter your fridge and kitchen. So, you do that by obviously finishing off everything. The second step, wait, wasn’t that the last step as well, on repeat mode?


Sleep on time

In bed at 11 PM, you decide to sleep on time. One last look at the phone before you finally doze off. Wait, is that a cat video?

Travel More

That’s the only thing you stick to. After all, from Noida to Gurgaon is like crossing 3 states, isn’t it?


“New Year’s Day … now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.” – Mark Twain



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