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To New Year Wishes And New Beginnings!

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New Year is around the corner and so are your plans to welcome it in a big way. But no matter how hard you try, you can’t have all your loved ones under one roof and wish everyone. That’s where your smartphones come into picture. Now imagine it’s New Year’s Eve and you take out your phone to send a message or call, but you realise you don’t have balance or your data pack has been exhausted. Amidst all the chaos, when party is in full swing, you struggle for online recharge, quite irritating, isn’t it?

Here are a few scenarios of what might happen when you try to recharge your phone online in the middle of new year celebration –

With a glass in one hand, and phone in other, it’s quite hard to recharge your phone, so you end up spilling your drink on the phone.


People are dancing around you, and you are busy recharging your phone. It just takes one swag dance step to make both you are phone to fall.


You are a rockstar, you can manage drinking, dancing and recharging all at the same time, but due to network congestion, you just can’t make it post filling in your details.

You want to send your wishes, but you are too lazy to recharge online, so you just let it go.

So, you can wait till the wee hour and most likely end up not being able to wish your loved ones or you can just recharge online with MobiKwik’s amazing offer. Cheers!


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