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Remembering the fun school stories, this Teacher’s Day!

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This day reminds us of those old school days when a teacher enters the class and all scream HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY those were the best day of our life. We might be hating them, giving nicknames to them, troubling them, annoying them but at the end we value them. What we are today is a sheer reflection of our teacher’s learning and their precious advice is still helping us when we get stuck in our life’s problem.

This year let us go to back to our school and college days and relive those experiences, especially the funny ones that we will remember all our lives.


The first song we learn to sing

GOOOOOOOD MORRRRNNIIIIING MA’AM/SIR! Remember that wonderful sound? How we used to be prepared to sing it every morning, and at the start of every period? As students we were not only carefree but peculiarly mad. And that spark of madness is what we lack today.


Pin drop silence

That was the favourite idiom of every teacher ever. But did it work? Never. There were always ways to talk to each other, be it whispering while teacher is not looking or making our notebooks a chat room. Even today, if you look at your old notebooks, you will find something to make you walk down the memory lane.


Didn’t complete your homework? Just get out of the class!

Today when this line reverberates, it becomes difficult not to snigger. Some feared that scolding, while some enjoyed standing outside the class (those were the best moments). While the teachers taught non-stop to the rest of class about how dogs are carnivores and not homeworkivores.


Teacher is absent today

The joy, the thrill we felt after this declaration was definitely worth a watch. It was a chance to do whatever one wants during the school time. Be it dancing on the table top or mimicking your teacher, the best stories were made during those ‘absent teacher’ moments.


The physics behind speed

37.58 kmph – Usain Bolt, 409 kmph – Bugatti Veyron, 9892 kmph – speed of chalk thrown by a teacher at the kid on the last bench, Last benchers were undoubtedly the most talkative. They were either hit by chalks or by tantrums. But you know what? They kept the lectures lively.


On this teachers’ day give them a visit let them know how important they are to us till now and see their glowing faces with a smile. Can’t visit in person, send them your love with a gift or a cake. We’ve got some awesome offers on MobiKwik, check them out!

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