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Celebrating the perfect love-hate relationship – the bond between the siblings!

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“Sibling are children of the same parents, each of whom is perfectly normal until they get together”

If there is one person you love like crazy and hate with equal passion, it is your sibling. You have the best of memories and worst of fights together. You keep feeding him your share of pudding while making fun of his choice of clothes.  And this is what makes siblings so special.

To celebrate Raksha Bandhan, we rounded up some relatable reasons about why having sisters is awesome. Here’s to all the bickering, bonding and hijinks.


She is your first roommate

She is the first person you shared your room with. You know you can survive with craziest of roommate as you once share your room with your sister. Not just the room, but your secrets as well, even when you didn’t want to share! She just knew what you were up to!


She is your partner in crime

Remember the times when you both were running around the house and broke your mom’s favourite vase? Or you teamed up against your bossy cousin, so he doesn’t mess with you. No matter how much you fought with her, but when it came to stand against the world, or even your parents, she always had your back.


She taught you the importance of remembering things

Your sister always had a way around to blackmail you for one thing or another. She has got a hard disk as a memory where all your childhood mischief are perfectly stored. Even today, when you are all grown up, she doesn’t miss a chance to spill those secrets in front of your friends.


She always made you pay for Rakhi gift, no matter what!


She had her own ways to extort Rakhi gifts from you. There’s no escape from that, no matter how hard you try. You also teased her and told her every year, that there’s no Rakhi gift, but you always ended up getting something for her. Now you’re grown up and can buy anything you want, she can do the same, but nothing can replace Rakhi gift. This year, why not surprise her and transfer her money? You can use MobiKwik’s UPI to transfer her Rakhi gift instantly and get some good cashback. She is going to be extremely happy and so will you!

And the list goes endless as in to why it’s awesome to have a sibling. Even though we love to hate them, the beauty of the relationship lies in the fact that beneath the rivalry, lies deep love and genuine concern.

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