Say yes to new adventures: Go Solo!

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Amidst the chaos and daily hustle-bustle of life, there comes a time when you want to escape it all and go away. Especially this time of the year when appraisals are going on, and you want to make a decision, join a new company or just want to take a break before you get into all work zone again. What can be a better way to clear your mind than go on a solo trip? We know it sounds scary and you must be thinking what fun it is to travel alone, well here a few reasons why you should go on a solo trip at least once in your life.


Be in the moment

When you travel with others, you spend a considerable amount of time looking at them and listening to them. When you’re by yourself, you have no distractions and can really enter into the moment and fully observe the sounds, smells, sights and other people’s social interactions.


Discover yourself

Solo travel gives you a chance to listen to your gut and control what direction you want to head. It allows you to reflect on your decisions and discover more about what makes you, you. Spending even a minimal time in solitude will allow you to embark on an inward journey of self-discovery.


Meet new people

There is a misconception that solo travel means you’re always alone. While some prefer to be alone, you can also make new friends on your journey. Travel can lead to exciting adventures and meaningful experiences with complete strangers that have a long-lasting impact. Solo travel will automatically throw you into social settings and opportunities to get to know others and other cultures.


Detox from technology

They say travel is the healthiest addiction, and it can help you detox from an unhealthy one at the same time! Solo travel helps you leave the screens behind, and experience the world with your senses rather than clicks


Be uncomfortable and then get comfortable again

Stretching boundaries by traveling solo can be uncomfortable at first but give yourself a bit of time, hang in there, and your comfort zone will expand. As a result, in your life at home as well as traveling, you will be more comfortable in more situations. Solo travel not only pushes you out of your comfort zone, it also pushes you out of others’ expectations.


Relax & Reflect 

You’re on no one’s schedule but your own. Get the rest you so greatly need or break loose from a meandering home life restricted by responsibilities and crank up your energy and your timetable. When you travel solo, it’s up to you. Solo travel is an opportunity for trans-formative travel. Being alone, you can let your mind wander and watch where it goes. You’ll learn a lot about yourself doing so and be able to make and practice changes that you may bring home.


Carry ONLY your own baggage

We all have personal baggage. It’s not about what you pack for your trip, it’s about personal histories, scars and more. Traveling alone means that you are free of a companion’s baggage (anxieties) and free to work on your own.


A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. So, go on, take a solo trip! May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous leading to the amazing view and a new you!

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