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Tata Docomo Gujarat ISD Calling Packs

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Tata Docomo  Gujarat introduces new ISD calling packs. The Gujarati Diaspora is one of the strongest and financially most sound communities from India. Some say they are responsible for the huge wealth amassed and a part of it sent to India to families has been creating the foreign reserves that give the country international muscle it so desperately needs. The settlements are mostly in first world countries and so the earnings are mostly in dollar or pound or euro. As Indian we can say a thank you to them for helping build the strengths. As a gesture some of the mobile companies are introducing Gujarat specific schemes that will benefit the families of those settled abroad. One such is TATA DOCOMO Rs.60 pack.

The Rs.60 calling card is a gateway to the offers that the company is introducing. The money that is charged is for the tariff. There is no talk time or any other benefit given with this recharge but  Tata Docomo Rs.60 pack allows the subscriber to call any place in US, Canada and UK at a tariff of 1p/sec but there is the condition of making the calls to the land lines. This is the rate of local calls prevalent. This scheme is not applicable for calls made to mobiles or to any other type of phones but to land lines only. There is no separate validity attached with it but technically it has zero validity and so care should be taken to maintain validity. The scheme so offered is of good utility as it does not stretch the finances and so the relations can be maintained without the toughness of excessive money being paid.

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