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How to manage your money. MobiKwik is the solution

The No-Pain Guide To Monthly Finance Management

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That little ping on the phone when your salary gets credited to your bank account—gives you a thrill, doesn’t it? But, by the time Week 4 comes around, most of us are looking at empty wallets and instant noodles for dinner. Okay, maybe it’s not that bad. But the dip in the bank balance does pinch. Help yourself to keep up the feel-good throughout the month. With just a little effort, you can plan your monthly expenditure, maintain savings and even have money left over for treats.

Here’s how to gift yourself some feel-good:

Use A Digital Wallet

MobiKwik e-wallet keeps track of each and every one of your spends—those cool headphones, a friend’s birthday gift, the late night ice cream treat, or weekly grocery shopping at the supermart. You may analyse your habits and come up with fix-its to eliminate the holes that your salary seems to disappear into. (This is the same principle your dietitian follow when you’re aiming to drop those extra kilos)


Maintain Monthly Limits

Identify your categories—household stuff, eating out, movies and gigs, petrol, phone and cable recharges, shopping—and assign a realistic monthly budget limit to each. The minute you overstep the Lakshman-rekha, as it were, you get a warning ‘ping’ telling you to stop. Most of us are guilty of unmindful spending! Time to stop.


Keep A Digital Ledger

Throughout the month, use the MobiKwik e-wallet to calculate how you’re doing with the budgeting in each category as you use money from your account. So when in the mood, you can, during the month, check how you are doing on your spending patterns.


Offers Are Your Friends

Your MobiKwik e-wallet gives you access to attractive discounts, offers and SuperCash on travel bookings, eating out, clothes, electronics and grocery shopping, at petrol pumps and cinema halls. Get into the habit of checking deals on MobiKwik and making the most of them. Find the best deals here.


So go on, give it a shot – it’s easy to stretch that buck, the MobiKwik way!  

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