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Spend them before your yearly leaves relapses!

March, a month when winter shreds its coat to reveal slight summer. It’s also a month when your yearly leaves are about to relapse. Awesome weather and pocket full of

Probable reasons why you are not doing your KYC

As per RBI guidelines, it was made mandatory to get your KYC done to use e-wallet and all its services. Though you can still use the wallet, but you won’t

Oh Womaniya! Perfect gift ideas for the perfect woman.

        She’s a technicoloured melodrama  fringed in pink a loony tune character  penned in Indian ink She’s beautiful in her own way, She smiles even when she’s having a bad day,

Facts and Myths about KYC update

On October 11, 2017, RBI added new guidelines for digital wallet users which included to undergo KYC in order to avail uninterrupted services. The deadline for the above-mentioned rule was

MobiKwik Wallet: The New Avatar!

The only thing that’s constant is change. That’s why we thought of changing too. With your feedback and ideas, we refreshed our product, kept what you love and for the

Community Rules

We love listening to you on our both offline and online platforms and look forward to your comments and suggestions. But in order to play our part to the best

What determines the growth of a start-up to a full-fledged business?

When you first start your own business, everything is a milestone: First customer. First rupee. First year.But after some time, things level out. You’re still growing, but you’ve been around

Fab – Feb to get you in festive mode!

It’s that time of the year again. The shortest month, when love is in the air and you can see happy faces all around. The pleasant weather is like an

Upgrade Your MobiKwik Wallet

Dear Friend, As per the new RBI guidelines, all MobiKwik users will need to provide & verify the below details by February 28, 2018, in order to prevent restricted usage of MobiKwik. 

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