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Is Your Wallet Powerful Enough?

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With the advent of UPI in 2016 and its adoption in subsequent years, the country witnessed a major drop in the number of wallet users.

Although digital wallets saw tremendous growth till 2017, the interoperability, virtual payment address direct and instant transfer to bank accounts, made UPI the preferred payment channel for users.

Owing to their limited functionality, the digital wallets’ growth prospects pointed toward a grim future.

In addition, for digital payments direct from bank accounts, many feared linking their accounts to manage the risk of fraud and phishing. 

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Amidst all these sentiments, we kept on exploring the possibilities to provide better means of transacting for the masses and introduced a powerful integration to our MobiKwik wallet – Pocket UPI

What is Pocket UPI you ask?

It is an omnipotent integration to the wallet that holds the potential to change how the population transacts. Wondering how? Here are the reasons to believe:

  • Use wallet balance to pay to any QR or UPI ID without any platform limitations
  • Flash transfers and instant settlements 
  • No server downtime issues on the sender’s end
  • Hold up-to ₹ 2,00,000 in the wallet for seamless payments
  • ₹ 1,00,000 daily transaction limit
  • Ease of instant top-up with UPI, Debit, and Credit Cards
  • Drastically reduce bank account exposure 
  • Linking bank account not mandatory

Imbibing the attributes of UPI to the wallet, Pocket UPI is becoming the talk of the town, for its features and use cases. Decluttering bank statements, aiding budget spending, and the possibility of UPI payments without linking bank accounts are some of the uses that are empowering users to leverage the full potential of digital payments.

And it comes without the worry of their spending or the security of their bank accounts.

Have you tried Pocket UPI yet?

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