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To gift or not to gift? That’s not even a question on Karva Chauth!

India could well be called the land of festivals. The amalgamation of difference cultures, languages and religions ensures that there is a festival being celebrated in some part of India

Shop till you drop and Go wicked this Dussehra

There’s something about the month of October. The weather is just right, colours so bright! It’s that time of the year, when festivities are in the air. And with Dussehra

Life without Engineers

Imagine, if there were no Engineers, there would be no one to design the bridges you drive through. If there were no engineers, there would be no cars. If there

Remembering the fun school stories, this Teacher’s Day!

This day reminds us of those old school days when a teacher enters the class and all scream HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY those were the best day of our life. We might be

From Youth to Senior Citizens and everything in between

To achieve anything in life, we need balance. Work and life balance, balance between caring for ourselves and caring for others, so on and so forth. Similar balance is required

#StandWithKerala – Together we can make a difference!

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” Patriotism isn’t just about celebrating Independence Day, it’s about being together as one nation and help each other

This Independence Day ride on amazing offers with MobiKwik

The secret to happiness is freedom. And the secret to freedom is courage. But then what is freedom? Freedom lies in being bold. Freedom is thinking for yourself. Aloud! Freedom

A shout out to our superheroes!

Ah, fathers! They are the ones who taught us everything from riding a bike to doing our own taxes. They are the ones who have cheered us on no matter

Data Security Update For MobiKwik Users

  In current digital world where everything is online, security and privacy becomes one of the major concerns for the everyone. For us at MobiKwik, security and privacy of your

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