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Know All About The Latest Airtel Prepaid ISD Plans

Airtel has not only launched an impressive list of Airtel calling, data offers, and plans for India but also ISD Plans. The ISD sector is one of the leading industries where Airtel has its dominance. The Airtel ISD Plans are extremely popular and useful in India because you get to choose the validity and get quality services, and much more. So, if you are planning to get an Airtel ISD pack or already have one, this article is a must-read for you. This article discusses all Airtel ISD recharge.

When going internationally, obtaining an Airtel international calling pack prepaid is the best course of action. The great thing about Airtel is that they provide unlimited inbound calls on their international prepaid plans. But remember that Airtel's international plans are split into four zones, with various zones offering differing numbers of free incoming calls. The list of Airtel ISD pack recharge is mentioned here.

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Airtel recharge ISD pack - Basic

  1. Airtel recharge ISD pack - basic costs you only ₹18.
  2. You get an ISD call valid for 28 days.
  3. The tariff rate varies as per the nation you are traveling to.

Airtel international calling plans for 30 days

  1. Airtel ISD plan for 30 days costs you only 128 Rs.
  2. One of the major benefits of this plan is that you also get local and STD calls in the same plan.
  3. Local & STD calls cost 2.5p/sec.
  4. National video calls cost 5p/sec.
  5. DATA costs 50p/MB.
  6. The charges for SMS local are ₹1 STD ₹1.5 ISD ₹5.
  7. The National Roaming will cost you Local 80p/min.
  8. STD call is charged at ₹1.5/min.
  9. SMS local 25p STD 38p.

Airtel ISD pack prepaid for a Month

  1. ISD pack for Airtel for one month costs 131 Rs.
  2. The plan is valid for a month.
  3. Local & STD calls are charged 2.5p/sec and National video calls are charged at 5p/sec.
  4. DATA 50p/MB and SMS local ₹1 STD ₹1.5 ISD ₹5.
  5. National Roaming will be charged to you at Local 80p/min.
  6. The charges for STD are ₹1.5/min, SMS local 25p STD 38p.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Airtel International Plan in any country?

It is possible to purchase an Airtel international roaming bundle in 175 countries. On the other hand, you may find yourself in a location where Airtel's data packs are not usable. In addition, foreign operators' rates will apply in certain areas.Understandably, you would have difficulty settling on the ideal prepaid international plan. After all, you have a lot of different choices and possibilities. Get an idea of how much of your plan you'll use before making a call about whether or not to top off your phone.We hope you enjoy your next overseas vacation wherever it may take you and encourage you to purchase the most suitable International Roaming plan for your needs.

When my Airtel International Prepaid service expires, what will happen?

If your Airtel International Prepaid Plan expires, you'll need to buy a new one. In any case, you may monitor your consumption daily. So, you may make better use of your International Roaming allowance.You can get all the details you need by using the Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone. Users of Apple's iOS may download the Thanks app from the App Store, while those using Google's Android operating system can do so via the Google Play store.

What are the four zones of international calling pack Airtel?

  1. A Zone: Unlimited incoming calls permissible and B Zone: Unlimited incoming calls
  2. C Zone and D Zone provide a limited number of incoming free calls available

Should I get an international calling card?

You may require an overseas calling card for a variety of reasons. One may claim that international calls can be made online with an app like WhatsApp. However, you should note that a stable and dependable internet connection is required for WhatsApp calls. Since your prepaid or postpaid plan does not include mobile data when abroad, you will need to make use of a public Wi-Fi network.You must maintain frequent communication with your colleagues and clients when in India on a business trip. Having access to international calling cards is quite useful in such situations. As an added bonus, having a calling card is really useful whether you're exploring the beautiful European Alps or the exciting New York City nightlife. As a result, you can keep in touch with your family and friends back at home. You are free to contact them anytime to inform them of your location.Because of this, an international calling card is an absolute must-have.

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