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Airtel Prepaid Recharge Plans and Offers

Airtel, the brand name of Bharti Airtel Limited, is an international telecommunications services provider with headquarters in New Delhi which runs operations in 18 nations in South Asia, Africa, and the Channel Islands. It is the second-largest mobile network operator in the World.
In India, Airtel outlets provide a variety of prepaid recharge options to suit all budgets. Its 3G and 4G connections are generally available across the nation, and VoLTE technology is used in metro areas and other significant cities. The business offers numerous prepaid plans, with the lowest Airtel recharge plan costing as little as Rs. 10. The Airtel Prepaid packages can be effortlessly customized to meet individual needs. To purchase any of Airtel’s calling plans, you may complete the payment via India’s one of the most popular digital payment applications, MobiKwik.
Let us go through some of the Airtel only calling recharge plans.

30 Days plan

  1. The 30 days Airtel recharge plan without data plan with International roaming is one of the most popular ones among only call recharge in Airtel.
  2. It offers 100 minutes of inbound and outgoing calls.
  3. The offer covers countries like UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, the UK, Oman, Singapore, and many more.
  4. The cost for this plan is 799 rupees.
  1. The thirty-day plan that costs Rs 128 is a good choice for local calls among Airtel recharge plans only for calls
  2. One of the widely used Airtel local call plans provides local and STD Calls at 2.5 paise per second.
  3. It also provides national video calls for Five paise per second.
  4. National roaming local is 80 paise per minute and STD 1.5/min in this Airtel local call recharge.

90 days plan

  1. The international roaming pack is quite popular among the ninety days plans in Airtel recharge plans only calls.
  2. It provides limitless incoming 1800 minutes India calls and a 90-Day Validity.
  3. The total cost is 5997 rupees.
  4. Users can also send 100 SMS.
  5. Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka are the countries covered.

180 days plan

  1. The international roaming Airtel recharge plan for calling only for 180 days allows 3600 minutes of India calls and unlimited incoming calls.
  2. The plan's validity is for 180 days and costs Rs 8998.
  3. It also provides 100 SMS as a bonus.
  4. Australia, Canada, Japan, China, France, Singapore, the USA, the UK, and many other countries are covered by this plan.

365 days plan

  1. The international roaming Airtel only calling pack is best suited for international customers and has plans that offer one-year validity.
  2. It provides 7200 minutes of India calls and unlimited inbound.
  3. The Airtel recharge for calling only plan costs Rs 14998.
  4. 100 SMS is also provided.
  5. The plan covers Australia, Canada, Japan, China, France, Singapore, USA, UK, and many other countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when we recharge before the expiration date?

You can recharge early even if you already have a current Airtel prepaid plan, and the plan will be scheduled for you. The new plan will take effect the moment your old one expires.

What happens if you don't recharge the Airtel Sim for a long time?

The problem is that the provider may cancel your Airtel SIM if you don't recharge it for a very extended period of time. Additionally, you won't be able to receive incoming calls even before SIM even deactivates.The Rs 99 plan is the cost-effective choice to maintain your SIM's active status with Airtel. Remember that this plan is available to anyone who wants an affordable choice at their disposal, not just secondary SIM users.

What is Service validity?

The Service Validity Recharge is a plan that gives you access to the services but only for a short period. All Talktime plans and unlimited recharge plans are service validity plans, as are the majority of Talktime plans.

Can we recharge for extra Data?

When you need more data, sometimes your prepaid recharge plan or Airtel voice local call recharge plans may be insufficient. If you intend to stream shows or need more data for remote work in such circumstances, you need data plans that will provide you with enough data to get by. Users can choose among data-only plans from Airtel that cost between Rs 100 and Rs 500 if they need more data. Some data plans are independent, reloadable plans, while others are add-on plans. Users of Airtel can take advantage of data promotions that come with select plans as well as packages that are app-exclusive or only available to app users.

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