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Airtel Unlimited Talktime Plans

One of the most widely utilized mobile data packages is prepaid subscriptions. Since they have been on the market the longest, many of you may be familiar with the idea. Prepaid plans require an upfront payment in exchange for unlimited service. After making the payment, you'll get some benefits that last for a limited time. The duration of these cellphone recharge packs varies, depending on the plan. There are many Airtel unlimited talktime plans with different validities ranging from days to months. Let's discuss some of the unlimited talktime for Airtel without data plans. Additionally, if you are interested in purchasing these Airtel plans, you can always rely on MobiKwik app, India's one of the most convenient digital payment apps.

One month plan

  1. The validity of the Airtel unlimited talktime plan is exactly 1 Month,
  2. The plan offers unlimited Talktime along with 100 SMS per day.
  3. It also provides 2GB of data each day.
  4. The plan includes Apollo 24|7 Circle membership, ₹100 cashback on FASTag, Free Hellotunes, and Free Wynk Music.
  5. The pack costs Rs 319

56-day plan

  1. The Airtel unlimited calling plan costs Only ₹240/month (approx.),
  2. It provides a Validity of 56 Days,
  3. The plan includes Data of 1.5GB Per Day, unlimited Talktime, and 100 SMS daily.
  4. Some added benefits of the plan include Apollo 24|7 Circle membership, ₹100 cashback on FASTag, Free Hellotunes, and Free Wynk Music.
  5. The total cost for this 56 day's Airtel unlimited call pack is 479

Ninety days plan

  1. This Airtel recharge unlimited Talktime plan offers a validity of 90 Days,
  2. It also provides unlimited Talktime, 100 SMS per day, 1.5GB of Data Per Day,
  3. The plan also includes Apollo 24|7 Circle membership, ₹100 cashback on FASTag, Free Hellotunes, and Free Wynk Music.
  4. The overall cost is Rs 779

One year plan

  1. The cost sums up to about ₹150/month (approx.),
  2. The plan offers validity for 365 Days,
  3. It also provides 24GB of data and Unlimited Talktime
  4. You can also send 3600 SMS with this plan.
  5. Additional benefits of this Airtel recharge only Talktime unlimited plan include Apollo 24|7 Circle membership, ₹100 cashback on FASTag, Free Hellotunes, and Free Wynk Music.
  6. The plan costs Rs 1779

Frequently Asked questions

Why does postpaid cost more than prepaid?

Although somewhat more costly than Prepaid plans, Postpaid plans are popular and offer additional benefits to users. Postpaid products are difficult to cancel and have no expiration date, even if your telco will slightly extend the period if you don't pay the payment on time at each month's end.

Which is preferable, Airtel Postpaid or Prepaid?

A prepaid connection is the best option for someone who just uses a small quantity of data during the day and can get by. Prepaid plans typically cost less than postpaid plans, but they also don't have the extra perks that postpaid plans have.

After a recharge, can I alter my Airtel plan?

Download and install the 'My Airtel' app. The app can be set up using your mobile number. In the 'Me' portion of the app, click the three horizontal dots in the top right corner. The pop-up menu's 'Change Plan' option should be selected.

Can I simultaneously utilize two Airtel plans?

Customers can queue up various plans with the company in advance. Airtel likewise provides the same choice. Airtel additionally enables queuing up your plans ahead so that the subsequent plan would begin as soon as the current plan ends.

How to recharge your Airtel number online?

Mobile Recharge with My Airtel app

  1. Go to the Payments Section after logging into the My Airtel App.
  2. Select 'Recharge'
  3. Choose 'Mobile'. Select your operator and enter the mobile number.
  4. Choose the best option for you from a range of plans.
  5. After entering the recharge amount, click 'Pay now'.

How can you port to Airtel?

  1. By selecting 'purchase now' From the Airtel Website or App, you can choose a plan and arrange for SIM and KYC delivery.
  2. Give the executive your port-in code, a working address, and identification documents.
  3. According to the new TRAI standards, it will take roughly 48 hours to transfer the number from your existing operator to Airtel.

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