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Enjoy quick payments with UPI

Make instant real-time bank transfers and payments with just one tap, using MobiKwik UPI


About BHIM UPI App

UPI, a payment and money transfer system governed by BHIM UPI, ensures instant payments and money transfers. MobiKwik UPI, as does BHIM app, allows users to make payments or transfers directly from one bank account to another. MobiKwik BHIM UPI requires users to only provide their bank account details and UPI pin to make instant payment or transfers. This way, UPI app brings all the banks to one single platform and allows real-time money transfers.

How to transfer Money Instantly Via BHIM UPI

MobiKwik UPI app allows users to transfer money or make payment in a few simple steps using only their UPI pin. To use UPI payment users must create a ikwik handle.


Select ‘UPI’ under ‘Transfer money’ on your MobiKwik App & click on ‘Start Now’


Select your bank account and provide necessary bank details.


Create your BHIM UPI pin.


Your ikwik handle ( phoneno@kwik ) will be generated.

To make payment through BHIM UPI, users must follow the following steps on the MobiKwik UPI BHIM app.


On the payment page. click on 'pay now' and select 'UPI' as payment mode.


Enter your UPI pin. The payment or transfer will be made instantly.

Features of UPI / BHIM UPI App

UPI payment and money transfer system by BHIM UPI enables convenient and quick payments. Following are the features of MobiKwik UPI BHIM app that makes MobiKwik the best UPI app.

Download MobiKwik app and apply for loan through the app

MobiKwik BHIM UPI app is completely digital. Hence, can be used 24*7 and even on bank holidays

A single UPI app is enough to access and transfer money between different bank accounts

UPI payment is the simplest and quickest mode of payment. The payment can be made instantly by just entering the UPI pin.

UPI BHIM app download is easily available on play store and app store

MobiKwik UPI BHIM app is the most convenient mode for doing merchant payment, utility bill payments, barcode based payments and others


How do I use the UPI app?

To pay through UPI, a user must set up an ikwik handle on the MobiKwik app. To make the payments through UPI app, click on ‘pay now’ on the payment page and select ‘UPI’ as payment mode. Enter your UPI pin. The payment or transfer will be made instantly.

Is UPI and BHIM the same?

Yes. BHIM is the governing body for UPI payment and transfer services.

How do I register for UPI?

In order to use the BHIM app UPI services, Download the MobiKwik app (MobiKwik UPI BHIM app download is available on Android and iOS), click on UPI under ‘money transfers’ and tap on ‘start now’. Provide necessary bank details and create your UPI pin. Your ikwik ID (phonenumber@ikwik) will be generated.

What is the UPI number?

UPI number is the user's phone number registered with their bank accounts and the UPI app.