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All that you need to know about the SMS pack for Vodafone Idea

SMS is a cost-effective and widely known medium for sending text messages. Shockingly, SMS (Short Message Service) has been running for more than 20 years. Initially, the word limit for each message was specified and was subject to certain constrictions, but now due to the availability of Vodafone's different SMS packs, you can get prompt, speedy, and practically ideal coverage and a hassle-free experience while texting your near and dear ones or sending formal messages!
Considering the people's opinion, Vodafone or Vi stands one step ahead of all the telecom operators and ranks third position among all of them due to some prominent factors like:
  • Price
  • Data speed and limits
  • Network Coverage
  • Customer Service

100 messages per day, SMS packs for Vodafone

18-day SMS Pack for Vodafone

This plan is not for all customers and may be available to the ones who may not have recharged lately or subscribed to Smart Recharge packs.
  1. This Vodafone Idea SMS pack provides 100 SMS per day to its users.
  2. Furthermore, truly unlimited calls and talk time is included in this prepaid pack.
  3. All the incoming voice calls are free on this SMS pack.
  4. Unlimited high-speed data of 1GB per day is also offered to all users of this pack.
  5. This 18-day SMS pack for Vodafone comes only at INR 199.

21-day SMS Pack for Vodafone

  1. Similar to the previous plan, this plan too provides 100 messages per day.
  2. Again truly unlimited calls and talk time is appended to the plan.
  3. No additional amount is charged for local, STD, and roaming services.
  4. High-speed data of 1 GB data is proffered in this plan.
  5. The amount required for availing of this 21-day SMS pack is INR 219 only.

21-day SMS Pack for Vodafone

  1. This is again a 21-day plan but has certain distinctions from the last plan.
  2. This pack offers 100 messages per day to its users.
  3. High-speed data of 1.5 GB limit is delivered to the customers desiring this plan.
  4. The amount needed to obtain this plan is INR 249 only.

28-day SMS Pack for Vodafone

  1. This plan, valid for 28 days, provides a capacity of sending 100 messages a day, just like the plans discussed previously.
  2. Provides unlimited call and Talktime, and no additional charges for incoming calls are demanded.
  3. Whistle-stop data of 1 GB limit is offered throughout the day.
  4. The price of this plan is only INR 269.

28-day SMS Pack for Vodafone

  1. Just like the prior pack, it is a 28-day Vodafone SMS pack that comes with the facility of 100 messages per day.
  2. Unlimited Talktime along with calls are provided in this pack.
  3. Fast-speed data of 1.5 GB is offered throughout the day, and unlimited data from 12 pm to 6 am is offered along with data roll-over service
  4. The price of this SMS pack is INR 299.

Vodafone Message Packs Providing 300 Messages A Day

28-day SMS Pack for Vodafone

  1. This is a 28-day pack that provides 300 messages per day.
  2. It provides truly unlimited calls for local, STD, and national networks.
  3. The data limit per day is 2 GB.
  4. Amazingly the price of this plan is INR 179 only.

How do I recharge the Vodafone SMS pack?

  1. Simply visit the SMS packs page on the Vi website.
  2. Browse through the different SMS packs for Vodafone idea shown.
  3. Pick a plan as per your necessities and click on the option "buy now".
  4. Enter your contact number and get an SMS recharge.
Following these simple procedures, anyone can do this online recharge of their VI SMS pack recharge online following these simple procedures! You can also do Vodafone Idea (VI) recharge via the MobiKwik app..

Frequently Asked questions

Which is the best SMS pack for Vodafone?

No SMS packs that Vi offer can be termed as the best since it depends from person to person as they should recharge based on their convenience and requirements. There are several plans provided, and you may pick any of them according to your preferences.

Is Vodafone SMS pack recharge online possible?

Of course, why not? You can visit the Vi website, choose the plans you want, enter your phone number, and get your SMS pack recharged. It is as easy as a child's play.

What are the various SMS packs available in VI?

There are numerous SMS packs available in Vi, ranging from 100 to 300, 1000, and 3600 messages per day, as well as per day data and unlimited calls. It depends on the packs that you purchase for yourself.

What is the minimum balance required for SMS in VI?

The minimum balance required is 155, which is an all-rounder pack which comes with 28-day validity, unlimited calls, and 300 messages per day.

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