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X10 Financial Services Limited Bill Payment

X10 Financial Pvt Ltd Loan EMI Payment

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X10 Financial Services Limited

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Pay X10 Financial Services Limited Loan EMI Instantly at MobiKwik

Your credit history greatly affects your interest rate and loan amount, which will strengthen if you pay all of your EMIs on time. You may use MobiKwik to securely and successfully pay off your X10 Financial Services Limited debts.

Know the Types of Loans Provided by X10 Financial Services Limited

Here are the loan options provided by X10 financial private limited.
  • Reseller Financing – Back-to-Back Transaction: On day 0, X10 Financial Private Limited grants a loan to the SI and pays the ND. According to a Tripartite Agreement between X10 Financial Services, SI, and the end user, an escrow account is formed. The end customer's money enters the escrow account on the due date. SI and X10 Financial Services jointly manage this account.
  • Reseller Finance - Stock and Sell Transaction: The average transaction takes place 8-10 times per year and has a period of 30–45 days. Tier 3 category partners, which are significant retailers, are billed by RD. Because RD invoices 50–200 merchants, the risk is dispersed. Before or on the loan due date, the RD pays X10 Financial Services.
  • Vendor Financing: X-10 Finance makes the payment in place of the National Distributor and adds an additional 45 days to the ND's due period. The ND pays X-10 Finance the amount due with interest on the 90th day.

Flexible payment methods available for X10 Financial Services Limited on MobiKwik

You have a set of payment options with MobiKwik, in addition to its dependability. Let's look at the various ways you can make X10 financial EMI payment online:
  • Debit Card
  • UPI
  • Net Banking
  • MobiKwik ZIP- Pay Later
  • Credit Card

How to Pay the X10 Financial Services Limited loan EMI Payment Online?

MobiKwik makes it simple for you to pay your X10 financial loan EMI payment online. How to accomplish it is as follows:
  • Download and run the MobiKwik program.
  • Select the Recharge and Pay Bills section.
  • Select the “EMI” option.
  • Then select X10 Financial Services Limited. You will find the option in the dropdown menu.
  • Then provide the required credentials and information such as your contact number and loan details.
  • Select the option “Go.”
  • The screen will render the information about your loan EMI payment.
  • Choose the payment option that you prefer.
  • You may utilize a coupon if you have access to one.
  • Finish the process by clicking on the payment tab.

Why Choose MobiKwik for X10 Financial Services Limited Loan EMI Payment?

MobiKwik provides the following advantages:
  • No to additional fees: MobiKwik for an online transaction will not incur any additional fees. It's a free service.
  • Security: MobiKwik's system was developed utilizing multilayer security and fraud protection codes, and it is RBI certified. Every single payment and the money kept in your MobiKwik Wallet is completely secure.
  • Cashback: Paying your bills and getting rewards and cashback? Seems sweet, right? Yes! When paying your bills utilizing MobiKwik, you get cashback and reward incentives.

About X10 Financial Services Limited

To provide firms with short-term working capital loans, they concentrate on invoice-based, short-term (30–90 day) loans. As co-lenders, X10 Financial Services has teamed up with a well-known NBFC in India. They further support the sound credit policies implemented by X10 Financial Services by bringing years of credit knowledge in the Indian industry in addition to solid balance sheet support. Channel partners and dealers in different supply chains may quickly and easily access financing alternatives from X10 Financial Services.

Frequently Asked questions

Can I pay the loan EMI of X10 Financial Services Limited through credit/ZIP pay?

Yes, MobiKwik allows you to pay the loan EMI through the credit/ZIP pay.

What is the customer care number & customer support email ID of X10 Financial Services Limited?

Contact: +91 813 069 9205Email-

Is it possible to change my EMI date for X10 Financial Services Limited?

Contact one of the helplines or start a discussion with a representative if you're curious to know more about the process.

How to close the loan of X10 Financial Services Limited?

To close the loan of X10 Financial Services Limited in particular, you need to get the NOC. Visit or contact your nearest branch to learn more about the procedure.

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