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Ziploan Bill Payment

ZIPloan Loan EMI Payment

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Pay ZIPloan Loan EMI instantly with MobiKwik

Thanks to MobiKwik's quick and secure payment system, making EMI payments has become simpler. Utilize MobiKwik to instantly make your ZIPloan Loan EMI payments from any location while receiving attractive reductions and rewards. Furthermore, making payments on time is crucial in preserving a high credit score, allowing you to easily and quickly get future loans. Therefore, pay ZIPloan EMI online without incurring any additional fees, using MobiKwik effortlessly and securely.

Know the types of loans provided by ZIPloan

Small businesses and start-ups are expanding rapidly across the nation. Lending organizations like ZIPloan, which provide money when the company needs it most and in real-time, have been made feasible. The best method for funding ongoing operations and expanding the business is through business loans. However, it is important to know the kinds of loans the organization offers before requesting financial aid.

  1. ZIPloan Term Loan- Small Business Loan:The motive behind the loan is to finance the construction of fixed assets, acquire commercial real estate, purchase equipment, and improve current machinery.
  2. ZIPloan Line of credit: This loan might be used to close a gap in operating capital. In addition, it can be utilized to manage daily operations and purchase inventory.
  3. ZIPloan Equipment Loan: The financing will be used to buy MSME machinery, and the Loan amounts range between 1 lakh to 5 lakh depending on the borrower's ability to repay the loan and the type of the plan.
  4. ZIPloan Flexi Loan: The loan can be utilized for both equipment purchases and working capital needs. It functions somewhat as a pre-approved limit that the borrower may use as needed.

Flexible payment methods available for ZIPloan on MobiKwik

You can make your ZIPloan Loan EMI Payment online using various options available on MobiKwik. The payment methods available are:

  • Credit or Debit card
  • Net Banking
  • UPI and Wallet
  • MobiKwik ZIP - Pay Later

How to pay the ZIPloan Loan EMI payment online?

Auto debit: Said, auto debit is a request made to the debtor's bank to permit the loan company to deduct payments on the set deadlines. Once auto-debit is set up, a person only needs to worry about keeping the required balance in their bank account.

Online EMI payments: The lender can use a debit card, online banking, or UPI to pay the EMI online for the ZIPloan premium payment.

Why choose MobiKwik for ZIPloan EMI payment?

  • MobiKwik's one-click payment facility provides a quick and easy ZIPloan loan payment. All a customer requires to do to make a transaction is install the MobiKwik app or sign into the official website.
  • When making a ZIPloan online loan EMI payment, the app also provides fantastic savings and Cashback points. Additionally, MobiKwik provides its users with SuperCash, a component that enables users to save money on upcoming transactions.
  • The customer data is end-to-end secured for every transaction. The safety concern is given first importance. As a result, each ZIPloan Loan EMI Payment is completely secured.

About ZIPloan

ZIPLoan is the brand name of Blue Jay Finlease Limited, an NBFC that specializes in offering business loans varying from Rs 1 lac to Rs 7.5 lacs. Notable FinTech investors support ZIPLoan. ZIPLoan's unique ZIPScore engine assesses applicants' creditworthiness and enables the delivery of business loans in as little as three days. With a clientele of more than 10,000+ active users, ZIPLoan is currently operating in more than six cities, including metropolises.


Can I pay the EMI of ZIPloan through credit/zip pay?

No. Since ZIP pay is another loan that can be used to pay bills or make purchases, it cannot be used to pay another loan's EMI.

What is the customer care number & customer support email id of ZIPloan?

Customer support Email Id is and the customer care number is 011 - 4310 - 9577

Is it possible to change my EMI date to ZIPloan?

Since it is up to the lender's decision to change the EMI date, it can be difficult. The process requires several approvals as well as the creation of a new directive. To learn more about the process in detail, borrowers may contact ZIPloan through the customer care number or via Email.

How to close the loan of ZIPloan

Closing of a loan typically occurs when all EMIs have been paid. The customer must inform the lender to provide the NOC for the closing of the debt and then the loan closing certificate following the completion of the final EMI.

But Lenders typically charge a fee for foreclosing on a loan. Usually, these fees are added to the fixed rate. The fine will be included in the payment for the foreclosure. However, after the sixth EMI has been paid, ZIPLoan does not impose any prepayment penalties.

Also, pay other Loan EMI payment

Like ZIPloan, You can pay out EMI's of many other Loan companies such as Punjab National Bank, Manappuram Finance Limited, Dhansansar Nidhi Limited, DCBS Loan, Adani Capital Pvt Ltd and many others, too, through the MobiKwik app.

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