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Digamber Capfin Limited Bill Payment

Digamber Capfin Limited Loan EMI Payment

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Digamber Capfin Limited

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Pay Digamber Capfin Limited Loan EMI Instantly at MobiKwik

If you want to keep a high credit score, it is important that you make your EMI payments on schedule. However, due to everyone's busy schedules today, it might happen that you will miss your payments for several reasons. But do not worry; you can completely rely on MobiKwik to make your Digamber Capfin Loan EMI payment on time without leaving your home. Furthermore, it provides excellent deals and cashback offers. MobiKwik has indeed simplified the EMI payment process for all.

Know the types of loans provided by Digamber Capfin Limited

Digamber microfinance can get you a loan easily, quickly, and without providing collateral or documentation of income, regardless of your profession, whether you sell vegetables, run small, petty shops, or produce milk, honey, commodities, or food items. Following are the types of loans provided by Digamber Capfin Limited-
  • Joint Liability Group Loan:- To support income-generating activities, they exclusively provide this form of a credit to groups of women. This is a brand-new joint loan. The groups can include a maximum of 20 women at a time, while 5 is the minimum requirement.
  • Individual Micro Loan:- This is a personal, unsecured loan that Digamber Capfin limited provides to both men and women for business growth. In general, they provide small business owners with some inventory in their shop.

Flexible Payment Methods Available for Digamber Capfin Limited On MobiKwik

You can find several options available on MobiKwik to repay your loan. Below are the options for paying a Digamber Capfin loan EMI payment using MobiKwik-
  • Netbanking
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • UPI
  • MobiKwik ZIP- Pay Later

How to pay the Digamber Capfin Limited loan EMI payment online?

Follow these basic steps to use MobiKwik for Digamber Capfin online EMI payment to get the fastest payment service!
  • Firstly, open the MobiKwik app.
  • Then select "Recharge and Bill Pay."
  • Choose "EMI Payments" from the menu.
  • Choose "Digamber Capfin Limited" from the drop-down option.
  • Type the loan number and any further information.
  • Tap on "Go"
  • Your screen will display a complete detail of your Digamber Capfin loan payment.
  • Choose the payment method as per your preference.
  • Use the promo code if available.
  • Tap the payment button to make the Digamber EMI payment.

Why choose MobiKwik for Digamber Capfin Limited loan EMI payment?

Because MobiKwik transactions are 100 percent safe and secure, users do not need any second-guess for making a Digamber Capfin loan EMI payment.
  • Instant Payments: Paying loan EMIs is no longer a tiresome or time-consuming procedure, thanks to MobiKwik. Instead, it is now a quick and straightforward process.
  • No additional fees: There are no additional costs or hidden charges with the MobiKwik online EMI payment option.
  • Multiple payment options: Depending on your preferences, you can use your debit card, credit card, online banking, or any other payment option available on MobiKwik. Users of MobiKwik can even use the ZIP Pay Later payment method.
  • Secure transactions: The privacy policy of MobiKwik safeguards your personal data both during and after the EMI payment procedure.
  • Offers: Customers who pay their loan EMIs through MobiKwik are eligible for cashback incentives. Cashback and SuperCash deals help customers save a significant amount on their EMI payments.

About Digamber Capfin limited

Digamber Capfin Ltd began its operations as an NBFC in 1995. They were the first organisation in Rajasthan to offer financial services to rural areas, with a particular focus on the remaining 70% of the population that lived in villages and lacked official credit access. The three main offerings were car loans, farmer's credit, and small company loans. DCL has implemented an integrated financing strategy that combines a high customer touch-point typical of microfinance with the technological infrastructure and associated back-end support services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay the loan EMI of Digamber Capfin limited through credit/ZIP pay?

Users can make their loan EMI payments using MobiKwik ZIP - Pay Later.

What is the customer care number & customer support email id of Digamber Capfin limited?

Customer care numbers is 18001806365, 0141-2700233, 2700234 and Customer support Email ID is

Is it possible to change my EMI date of Digamber Capfin limited?

Since it is up to the lender's decision, changing the EMI date could be challenging. However, customers who want more information about the process can talk to the officials about it.

How to close the loan of Digamber Capfin limited ?

You must ask your local Digamber Capfin Limited Branch to issue a No Objection Certificate for the closing of your loan.

Also, pay other Loan EMI payment

Besides making a Digamber online EMI payment, you can pay your loan EMIs for various lenders, like Axis Bank Loans , Bajaj Finserv , Aditya Birla Capital , Bajaj Auto Finance L&T Finance , IDFC Bank Loans , and many others, using MobiKwik.

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