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Airtel DTH Annual Plans

Airtel digital, the Indian direct broadcast satellite service provider launched in 2008, is popular with a subscriber base of more than 350 million users. The ease of setting up and the discounted prices make it more affordable for everyone. Airtel DTH yearly plan offers cashback on recharges, vouchers for availing of special discounts and regular discounts for upgrading. They provide the most exciting Airtel DTH yearly recharge plans with good customer support and quality satellite transmission. Airtel DTH annual plan with several varieties is available at low prices for a reliable and interesting set of channels. There are around 393 different recharge plans to choose from according to the likes and interests of the customer. To meet all kinds of customers' needs, Airtel has recharge plans starting from Rs. 200 to Rs. 7000 in Airtel DTH plans for 1 year.

Types of Airtel packages based on variety:

  1. Bouquet broadcaster package
  2. These are also known as combo packs which have a set of numerous channels picked into one group. There are a-la-carte packages in the Airtel DTH yearly plan, also better known as add-ons packages, while looking up for the customer.
  3. Airtel curates them to include the best of them at reasonable rates.
  4. The bouquet broadcaster package often has channels of the same entertainment company/ media. For example, the Stars package includes Star PLUS, Star sports, Star movies, etc.
  5. They come in both kinds of SD and HD, based on the television you opt for. The prices may vary independently of the channel type.
  6. Regional channels are offered in the Airtel DTH one-year plan with attractive offers of saving money.

Types of Airtel packages based on cost/ time:

1-month plans-

  1. Among the one-month recharge plans, there are nearly 100 Airtel DTH 1 year plans to choose from.
  2. The Airtel Digital Hindi value lite SD, Dabang SD pack, and regional language in a pack cost Rs. 50 to Rs. 280 monthly.
  3. The sports SD and Kids entertainment, regional value lite SD packs cost about Rs. 250-300 monthly, all offering access to about 70 to 120 channels.
  4. The Airtel Digital TV value sports or Value lite HD 3 packs as part of Airtel DTH recharge plans 1 year of different regional languages are available for about Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1300.

3 and 6-month plans-

  1. Catering to the users, 3-month plans are made possible for a larger number of channels.
  2. For example, in a yearly plan for Airtel DTH, there can be anything between 70 to 120 channels, with standalone prices for three months being, Rs.450 to Rs.1300.
  3. 6-month packs range from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 1800, depending on the number of channels.
  4. Airtel Hindi value sports lite with Sony Ten or star sports and star plus cost about Rs. 3500 to Rs. 3800 and offer about 100-120 channels.
  5. As part of Airtel DTH recharge offers for 1 year, the Telugu plan with 81 channels costs Rs.1521 for six months.

Annual plans-

  1. A new connection and set-up box for a yearly pack of Airtel DTH with HD pack cost Rs.6799 and a whole of 110 channels.
  2. Annual Airtel DTH plans have a mix of entertainment, news, music and movies in the main known languages of India, like Hindi and Malayalam. Bengali, Gujarati, Telugu, Punjabi, and more.
  3. Airtel DTH yearly recharge plans can help you save money as many offers crop up for the same.
  4. Airtel DTH yearly plans are highly functional and flexible for the viewer’s tastes and can be added at your own pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the DTH recharge services through the website?

Go to the official Airtel website and click on the DTH tab. Then, press the Recharge drop-down menu and enter your specific customer ID. Next, on the account details, you should select options from which to select.

How to use the DTH recharge services through the Airtel Thanks App?

Upon downloading the app, you can notice the services section. Click on DTH and put in all the required information given in the criteria boxes. Then, choose the plan and pay using any proposed methods. It can be used for the Airtel DTH recharge plans for 1 year.

Can I pay using Paytm?

Yes, you can make payments by UPI-allowed options, credit or debit cards, net banking, and more. Airtel wallet can also be activated for the ease of the customer. You can also receive special offers if paid by the Airtel wallet.

How to make your Airtel account or login?

Contacting the company or any of the subsidized local distributors of Airtel can help you register your phone number and other details. If it is confirmed, you are good to go with the Airtel DTH services. You can also do the same using the MobiKwik App/ website.

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