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Tata Sky 3 Month Recharge Packs

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Tata Sky 3 Months Recharge plans

TATA Sky, or Tata Play, founded in 2001 and offering services since 2006, is India's top platform for distributing pay TV and over-the-top content. To provide access to the best material available worldwide on any device, at any time, and regardless of price. Tata Play was the first to introduce several services that completely changed how viewers in the nation see the content. Tata Play provides a wide selection of DTH plans appropriate for your requirements and budget, including tailored Tata Play packs, curated regional packs, broadcaster packs, free-to-air packs, and individual channels. Tata Sky 3 month plan, one-month, and annual plans are available. You can buy any of these plans using India's one of the fastest online payment platforms MobiKwik.

Binge combos

  1. Various Tata Sky 3 month recharge, one-month, and annual recharge plans are available depending on the languages, the number of channels, and price.
  2. The languages include Bengali, English, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Odia, Tamil, and other languages of the country.
  3. Some Of the plans also incorporate a Netflix subscription and the available channels.
  4. Users can also choose a combo of more than one language or a combo of south languages.
  5. Both High definition and standard definition channels are available according to each plan.
  6. The price ranges from Rs 300 to 1530 per month.

Curated plans

  1. Curated plans start from Rs. 0 to 586 per month.
  2. Tata Sky 3 month recharge amount will vary accordingly.
  3. Has both SD and HD channels depending on the plan
  4. Users can choose packs with regional languages only or customized packs.
  5. No OTT Subscription
  6. Option to select customized language combos.

Add-ons or Mini packs.

  1. FTA Complementary packs start from Rs. 0 per month to the English combo HD pack, which costs Rs 134 per month.
  2. The plans in this section can be used as an Add along with your current Binge combo or Curated plan or as an Independent Mini plan itself.
  3. Both HD and SD are available.
  4. Tata Sky 3 month recharge plan is also available.

Regional packs

  1. The price varies from zero to 216 per month.
  2. Tata Sky 3 months plan, Monthly and annual plan available.
  3. Regional packs can be used as Add or independent packs to view content from a single region and language.
  4. It covers almost all languages in the country.
  5. Has HD and SD channels

Broadcaster packs

  1. Broadcaster packs contain channels from a single broadcasting company.
  2. Some of the plans have other companies' channels too
  3. The plans include companies like Zee, Star, TV18, Sun, Sony, Discovery, Raj TV, etc.
  4. Price ranges from Rs 3 to 172 per month according to each plan.
  5. Tata Sky recharge 3 months, annually, or each month available depending on plans.


  1. You can choose one or more channels individually, along with your pre-existing plan or without it.
  2. You can select any single channel available from a wide variety of options.
  3. Price starts from Rs 0 per month and varies depending on your chosen channel and whether it is SD or SD.

Frequently Asked questions

What is the lowest Tata Sky recharge?

Tata Sky recharges begin with an amount of Rs 20.

How do I update my online Tata Sky channel pack?

Changing your Tata Sky recharge 3 months plan is possible online at the Tata Sky website. Your ID or linked cell phone number will be requested. Calling their helpdesk from your mobile number is another option for doing this.

How can you pick the best DTH plan for you?

Selecting the ideal DTH plan depends on personal preference and taste. You can select Tata Sky 3 months pack, one month, or yearly plans. If you want a lot of channels for a reasonable price, you can select from one of the Tata Play Packages. for a simple package, you can Pick from one of the FTA packages. You can select from one of the broadcasting packs if you choose to watch certain broadcasters' channels. If these methods don't work, one can create a pack by selecting individual channels.

Do Tata Play packs include offers?

Tata Play DTH offers a selection of packages for every set-top box type to suit the finest watching requirements within one's budget.

Does Tata Play have the most affordable DTH plans?

Many free-to-air (FTA) channel plans are available from Tata Play. Also, Some of the Regional language DTH plans start at low costs. One of Tata Play's plans with the best value is the Hindi Bachat one.

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