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Ficus Telecom Pvt Ltd Bill Payment

Ficus Telecom Broadband Bill Payment

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Ficus Telecom Pvt Ltd

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Pay Ficus Broadband/Internet Bill online Instantly at MobiKwik

Do you find making your broadband payments extremely tedious? Thanks to MobiKwik, you don't need to feel the same anymore. While making your Ficus broadband bill payment using MobiKwik, you get to enjoy a swift and 100% secure payment. Moreover, it offers you a variety of incentives for each payment you make using this platform, and its user interface is easy to handle. So, why wait? Make your Ficus telecom broadband online bill payment using MobiKwik now.

Know the best Ficus Broadband Plan that suits your budget

Ficus broadband plans come in a wide variety, starting from 60Mbps and going up to 325Mbps. The plans are:-
  1. Ficus Hungama:- 60Mbps Unlimited Broadband Internet for Rs 499
  2. Ficus TopNotch:- 75Mbps Unlimited Broadband Internet for Rs 649
  3. Ficus Tidy:- 100 Mbps Unlimited Broadband Internet at Rs 849
  4. Ficus Grand Promo: 150 Mbps Unlimited Broadband Internet at Rs 999
  5. Ficus Elite:-200Mbps Unlimited Broadband Internet at Rs 1099
  6. Ficus Catchy:- 275Mbps Unlimited Broadband Internet at Rs 1299
  7. Ficus Mammoth:- 325 Mbps Unlimited Broadband Internet at Rs 1499
Visit MobiKwik for more Ficus broadband bill payment offers.

How to check/view the Ficus Broadband bill on MobiKwik

Checking out and paying your Internet bills has never been quicker, faster, or more comfortable. This all became possible due to MobiKwik's excellent service. You can use MobiKwik to view the specifics of your bill before making the full payment by entering only your mobile number or Broadband Customer ID.
To easily verify your Ficus broadband bill payment on MobiKwik, follow the steps below:-
  1. Open the MobiKwik app or visit their website.
  2. Next, choose "Recharge & Bill Pay."
  3. Next, Click "Broadband" from the options.
  4. Next, Choose "Ficus Fibernet broadband" as the service provider.
  5. Input your unique consumer number.
  6. Then, click "Go."
  7. Now all your bill details will be shown on your screen.

Flexible payment methods available for Ficus Broadband bill pay on MobiKwik

MobiKwik offers a variety of payment methods so that users may choose the one they prefer. The following payment modes are available on the MobiKwik digital payment system so that you can quickly pay your broadband bill online: -
  1. Net banking
  2. Wallets and UPI
  3. Debit or Credit cards
  4. MobiKwik ZIP - Pay Later

How to check the status and pay the Ficus internet bill payment online?

If you use MobiKwik, there is no chance you will miss out on a bill payment. You can effortlessly finish your bill payments in a few simple steps using its mobile app or website. Follow the steps below.
  1. Launch the MobiKwik app or visit their website.
  2. Next, select "Recharge & Bill Pay" from the menu.
  3. Then, select "Broadband."
  4. As your service provider, select "Ficus Broadband."
  5. Enter the Consumer Id now.
  6. Afterward, click "Go."
  7. The screen will show all the facts about your bill, including the amount owed.
  8. After this, select a payment method.
  9. Enter the coupon code if you have any.
  10. To finish your payments, click on the Payment tab.

Why choose MobiKwik for Ficus broadband online payment?

  1. Various payment methods: MobiKwik accepts a variety of payment methods. Use any of the options available to complete your payment based on your preferences.
  2. Easy and quick payments: MobiKwik gives you an easy and convenient solution to make your Ficus bill payments. It has an easy-to-understand interface, and the payments processed via it literally take no time.
  3. Secure payments: MobiKwik includes multi-layer shielding and a specialized safety feature to maintain safe transactions. Payments made with MobiKwik are absolutely safe and secure.
  4. Excellent Rewards: When consumers utilize MobiKwik's payment platform to conduct online payments, they may earn attractive savings and cashback reward coupons.
  5. No extra cost: MobiKwik lets you make your Ficus broadband online bill payment without charging additional money for using their platform.

About Ficus Broadband

By offering broadband with a dedicated fiber network for the most fantastic internet experience to Home & Enterprise users so much more in their everyday lives within their budget, FICUS TELECOM Fiber Connect intends to transform broadband networks in Chennai, India. This will give them an unmatched edge and delight, ultimately leading to their success.


How can I check Ficus broadband online payment history?

Customers can examine their payment history in the MobiKwik "History" section after logging in.

How do I download the Ficus broadband online bill payment receipt?

Your payment receipt will appear in the history section of the MobiKwik app or website.

What is the Ficus broadband online bill payment, customer care number & customer support email ID?

Email Id: Cc@Ficustelecom.InMobile : +91 96775 05555Landline: 044 61556666

What are the penalty charges for the Ficus broadband bill payment after the due date?

If you don't make your monthly broadband payments on time, Fibernet won't charge you anything. Instead, they will disconnect your internet connection and ask you to recharge.

Do Recharge & Bill Payments at MobiKwik