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Jio Recharge Packs for SMS Plans

With excellent services, Jio, the largest mobile network operator in India, comes up with even better plans for its smart users. At its initiation, a free Jio SMS pack plan was introduced (Rs.100 per day) with free voice calls. As its market witnessed rampant growth, Jio overtook the responsibility of facilitating its customer base with much-needed tech services; from entertainment to health services, Jio Apps are everywhere.
Following are the popular Jio SMS Recharge Plans – choose the ideal one as per your need. And the good news is you can do Jio recharge easily on the MobiKwik app.

7-days SMS Pack for Jio

The latest Jio SMS Pack only for 7 days is additive to International Roaming, covering a total of 22 countries worldwide.
  1. The Jio Prepaid SMS pack avails 100 SMS per day to its users.
  2. Additionally, this Jio SMS Plan includes 100 minutes of outgoing local calls and outgoing calls to India per day.
  3. All the incoming voice calls are free on this SMS plan for Jio.
  4. Unlimited high-speed data of 250 MB per day (thereafter unlimited data at 64 kbps) is offered.
  5. This Jio SMS Pack Price is INR 2,875.

14-days SMS Pack for Jio

The Jio SMS Pack Plan is offered categorically to prime Jio members and non-prime members.

Jio SMS Pack only for Prime Members

  1. This Jio message pack recharge offers you a total of 1400 free SMS.
  2. The SMS pack lets you talk without hesitation with unlimited voice calls, inclusive of local, STD, and roaming services.
  3. The Jio SMS Plan is packed with unlimited 4G data (1.5 GB per day) with a FUP speed of 64 kbps.
  4. Comes with access to Jio Apps.
  5. The Jio SMS Pack Price is INR 98 only.

Jio SMS pack for non-Prime Members

  1. The Jio SMS Pack Recharge for non-Prime Members includes 300 SMS in totality.
  2. Unlimited voice calls are featured in this Jio recharge SMS pack.
  3. Data coverage of 1.5 GB per day is permitted to the users.
  4. This 14-day SMS pack for Jio costs INR 119 only.

28-days SMS Pack for Jio

Jio SMS Pack only for ISD users

  1. 5 ISD SMS can be availed by the users for this Jio SMS Pack Plan.
  2. This Jio SMS recharge facilitates an ISD Talktime of INR 424.58.
  3. The ISD facilities are available only when the user is in India.
  4. The Jio SMS Pack Price for this plan is INR 501.

Jio SMS Plan for International Roaming

  1. This Jio prepaid SMS pack is available in 22 countries.
  2. A total of 1500 free SMS is offered for this Jio Message Pack Recharge.
  3. The without-wifi calling benefits include 1500 minutes of outgoing local calls and outgoing calls to India.
  4. Incoming voice calls are free in this Jio SMS pack plan.
  5. This Jio SMS Recharge plan also includes 5GB of data (thereafter unlimited offering at 64kbps).
  6. The Jio SMS Pack Price for the international roaming plan is INR 5,751.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to recharge an SMS pack for Jio via the Jio App?

You can easily recharge through MobiKwik by following these simple steps -

  1. Go to the ‘Recharge and Bill Pay” section
  2. Input your Jio number
  3. Opt for ‘Prepaid’
  4. Next, choose ‘Jio’ from the list of the operators
  5. Select the area you live in
  6. Choose the preferred SMS pack or input the recharge amount
  7. Select a suitable payment mode among the available ones
  8. Lastly, click on the payment tab to process the transaction

Is the Jio SMS pack price the same everywhere?

No, the Jio SMS pack price list varies with region. You may check your state’s price in the Jio App. For further information, please contact your local service shop.

Is Jio SMS Pack Plan with a validity exceeding 28 days?

Yes, there are various SMS pack for Jio users that exceed the validity of 28 days. The Jio SMS recharge plan offers a validity of 70 days, 84 days, 91 days, and 1 year. The prices of each plan vary with region.

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