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MTNL Prepaid Recharge

MTNL Prepaid Online Recharge

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1 days

50 Local min free


30 days

Local Onnet Mobile @ Rs. 0.01/2 sec - Local Offnet Mobile @ Rs. 0.01/sec - Local Landline @ Rs. 0.01/sec - STD @ Rs. 0.01/sec - Validity 1 Month


90 days

Plan conversion-All local/STD Call 50p/Min, All local/STD Call 50 Paisa


90 days

Plan conversion-Local(Own/Other) 30p/50p per Min, STD 60p/Min


90 days

Roaming Incoming Free - Roaming Outgoing Local @ Rs. 0.05/4 sec - Roaming Outgoing STD @ Rs. 0.05/3 sec


7 days

1.5 GB data per day - Unlimited Calls (Local+STD) on any n/w in home n/w & National Roaming n/w - 100 SMS per day


90 days

Normal Talktime Rs. 0.41 - 30 Local min free - Local Onnet Mobile @ Rs. 0.01/2 sec - Local Offnet Mobile @ Rs. 0.01/sec - Local Landline @ Rs. 0.01/sec - 30 STD min free - STD @ Rs. 0.01/sec - Free min valid for 30 day(s)


90 days

Plan conversion-All local/STD Call 50p/Min, All local/STD Call 50 Paisa; Free 30 local min and 30 STD Min for 30 Days

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How to recharge MTNL prepaid Mobile instantly via MobiKwik

MTNL online recharges are quick and easy when done via MobiKwik. In order to get the MTNL recharge done quickly and easily, the user must follow a few simple steps, as mentioned below.

  1. Enter your MTNL number, for which you want to make the online MTNL online recharge.
  2. Select ‘MTNL mobile operator’
  3. Select the particular location you belong to.
  4. Check the MTNL prepaid plans or type in the amount you want to recharge
  5. Enter your mobile number again and fill in the OTP sent to you via SMS. .
  6. Make the online MTNL recharge payment.

With this, your MTNL mobile recharge is done!

A user can get MTNL online prepaid recharges and for any number, using MobiKwik. Online MTNL recharges can be done through MobiKwik’s digital wallet. MTNL online recharge is an easy and quick procedure and can be done in a few simple steps. Recharge MTNL now!

Why choose MobiKwik for MTNL recharge?

MobiKwik enables easy, quick and profitable MTNL recharges including MTNL dolphin recharge, MTNL trump recharge, MTNL prepaid online recharge, MTNL dolphin prepaid recharge and much more. MobiKwik offers a huge number of offers, thereby acting as the best platform for MTNL recharge online. The following list of benefits offered by MobiKwik on MTNL online recharges are the greatest point of attraction for users to make their MTNL online recharge on MobiKwik.

Free Of Cost on Mtnl prepaid online recharge

MobiKwik does not charge any fee for online MTNL mobile recharge. It enables free online MTNL prepaid recharge.

Transactions are safe and secure for Mtnl prepaid recharge

MTNL prepaid online recharges via MobiKwik are safe and secure. All you need to do is follow the above mentioned steps and the recharge will reflect in users’ orders instantly. The data provided will be kept confidential.

Quick and simple way for online mtnl recharge

MTNl prepaid recharges can be done easily and instantly in a few simple steps. The user only needs to provide the basic details such as the number, location, plan, etc and the MTNL recharge is done instantly.

MobiKwik provide irresistible benefits and offers on mtnl prepaid recharge

MobiKwik offers attractive deals such as SuperCash, Cashbacks, discounts and more on MTNL prepaid online recharges. Such deals and offers make MobiKwik an ideal platform to undertake the online Recharge MTNL.

Variety of options for MTNL recharges

MTNL recharges including MTNL dolphin recharge, MTNL trump recharge, MTNL prepaid online recharge, MTNL dolphin prepaid recharge and much more.

One-stop destination for all MTNL Prepaid Recharge Plans

MobiKwik is your one stop destination when you complete your MTNL online recharge. MobiKwik has a list of plans like MTNL Special Offer plans, MTNL Topup plans, MTNL Full Talktime plans, MTNL 4G plans etc. You can choose and opt for the suitable MTNL plan.

Without a shadow of doubt, Mobikwik is India's best site for online easy MTNL recharges. Mobikwik does not charge you over any online recharge of MTNL i.e MobiKwik, enables free mobile recharge and helps you save your time, effort and money. Besides enabling free online mobile recharges, it also ensures easy idea prepaid recharge online. The app also offers instant and easy MTNL prepaid online recharges for family and friends. The process for online recharges of MTNL Via MobiKwik is simple and seamless. Therefore, MobiKwik is the best platform of all to undertake MTNL recharges online. . .

So wait no more! Make your MTNL mobile recharge online viia MobiKwik and avail all the benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions on MTNL Recharge

Can I recharge my prepaid MTNL number online?

Yes you can recharge your MTNL number online. All you have to do is log on to your MobiKwik app or website. You will also find a lot of plans for MTNL mobile recharge.

Which is the best wallet for prepaid MTNL recharge?

MobiKwik wallet is the best option for prepaid MTNL recharge. It has extra offers, deals and cashback offers, exclusively for its users.

How to check MTNL balance?

To check your MTNL prepaid balance, all you have to is call at *444#. This is the easiest way to check your MTNL prepaid balance.

How can I make MTNL validity recharge online?

Just open your MobiKwik app, enter your MTNL number, select the operator and put in the plan you want to make a MTNL validity recharge for.

How can I extend my MTNL SIM validity?

It is simple to extend your MTNL SIM validity. Just send the SMS- ‘Ext Validity’ to 51505. BSNL will respond to you with an SMS asking you to confirm the request. After confirming it, the validity extension amount will be deducted from your account balance and your validity period of BSNL SIM will be extended.

What is MTNL Mumbai prepaid?

There are several options available on your MTNL prepaid number. You can choose the MTNL recharge plan according to your needs.

About MTNL

MTNL was set-up on 1st April, 1986. MTNL was inaugurated by the Government of India. The purpose was to upgrade the quality of telecom services, expand the telecom network, introduce new services and raise revenue for telecom development needs of the metropolitan cities of India namely Delhi and Mumbai. MTNL is a leading provider of fixed-line telecommunication service in the two Metropolitan Cities of Delhi and Mumbai. Its services covers Delhi, four peripheral towns Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad & Gaziabad and the Mumbai city along with the areas falling under the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, New Mumbai Corporation and Thane Municipal Corporation.

It has been a leading telecom service provider for more than two decades and there has been all-round development & growth in operational efficiency. MTNL provides a plethora of telecom services which include fixed telephone service, GSM (including 3G services) & CDMA based Mobile service, Internet, Broadband, ISDN and Leased Line services. Besides enjoying the reputation of an old, reliable and succesfull brand, MTNL has been the first to launch some of the latest telecom technologies in the country like ADSL2+ & VDSL2 in broadband, IPTV on MPEG4 technology, VOIP and 3G Mobile service.

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